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Configuration Manager REST API

Automate the promotion of configuration changes between Test, Staging to Production environments
Configuration Manager is designed to solve the most complex Jira administration challenges - transfer of configuration and data between different Jira servers. The Configuration Manager REST API documentation gives you information and instructions on the many possibilities to manage CMJ snapshots and their deployment on other Jira instances. With the API, you can automate the promotion of configuration changes between Test, Staging to Production environments.

Documentation of all REST endpoints exposed by Configuration Manager. REST endpoints can be used for automation and other administrative tasks.

Configuration Manager SPI

Moving your app configuration between different Jira instances
If you are a Marketplace Vendor, looking for a way to support moving your app configuration between different Jira instances, Configuration Manager Service Provider Interface is the solution to your use case. The Configuration Manager's powerful features allow quick capture and transfer of third-party application configurations and new custom field types. Configuration Manager takes care of important dependencies and moves the right configuration elements referenced in the custom field configuration. Configuration Manager SPI documentation presents how you can use the tools offered by Configuration Manager SPI for moving such configurations between different Jira instances.
Javadoc documentation for Configuration Manager Service Provider Interface. The SPI can be implemented by Marketplace Vendors to support moving custom application data with Configuration Manager.

Botron Software Documentation

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Botrons team were able to handle our consolidation project without any of the stress associated with such initiatives. The process was methodical, professionally handled, and transparent. We havent had a single post-production issue since the completion of the merger.

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