Manage snapshots.


Creates a new snapshot. The scope of the snapshot can be either 'system', 'project' or 'projectWithIssues'. The 'options' array is not required. The 'includeAttachmentFiles' flag will include issue attachment files for the selected projects. If unselected, during snapshot deployment there's an option to provide the path where the attachment files reside on the target system.

Manage the snapshot with the given id.


Returns the specified snapshot as ZIP containing a snapshot XML and additional data.


Deletes the specified snapshot.


Manage deployments. Deployment is a two step process - first meta information is provided and then a snapshot file is uploaded. The operation is asynchronous - a separate REST endpoint is used for tracking deployment progress.


Starts a deployment operation. Scope can be either 'system' or 'project'. Mode can be either 'systemMerge'/'systemRestore' for system snapshots, or 'singleProject'/'multiProject' for project snapshots depending on the number of projects inside the snapshot. The parameter attachmentFilesPath is the path where the attachment files reside on this system.

Manage the deployment with the given id.


The status of the deployment operation with the given id.

Manage the snapshot content for the deployment with the given id.


Uploads the snapshot content. The snapshot content must be provided in a part named 'file' within a multipart/form-data body. After the content is successfully uploaded, the deployment process will start.